SPED Course Structure

Play Therapy

For group enrollments only

The Course will cover the following topics:

Chapter 01: Introduction of Play Therapy

  • A peep into Play Therapy?

  • Principles and Techniques
  • Play therapy as a helping tool
  • Leading Role of a therapist

Chapter 02: Endorsing Children with Play

  • Play and its positive impact on the neurology of the brain
  • Motives and phases in play
  • Understanding the agony of a child
  • Directive and Non-Directive methods and material
  • Reflective Listening and Language Skills During Play Therapy

Chapter 03: Supplementary Therapies in Play

  • Sand TrayTherapy
  • Sensory play
  • Using art in play
  • Using music in play
  • Using dance in play
  • Using stories in play

Chapter 04: Play Patterns

  • Regulation and Life Skills through Play
  • Building Resilience; Developing Emotions
  • Projective and Role Play Patterns
  • Ritualistic and Repetitive Play Patterns

Chapter 05: Architecture of Play Therapy Room

  • Basic PrinciplesTo Design A Play Therapy Room
  • Infrastructure & Materials RequiredIn A Play Therapy Room
  • HowTo Use Play Therapy Skills In A Play Therapy Room

Chapter 06: Assessment of Play Therapy

  • Do’s and don’ts of observing a child in play therapy session
  • Observing a child in play therapy setting
  • Ethical guidelines to follow in play therapy setting
  • Way forward for Group and Family Therapy
  • Creative Assessment Techniques and Endings in Play Therapy

The Course will provide:

  • Theory + Practical sessions
  • Q&A corner
  • Handouts
  • E-Certificate
  • Class Recording

The following candidates can apply:

• Preschool + PrePrimary Educators
• Academic Coordinators
• Special Educators
• Psychology Graduates
• Clinical Psychologists
• Parents
• Individuals pursuing ECCE, PPTTC or B.ED

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