Certified Course

Skill Development in Special Education (Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism & Intellectual Disability)

August 2023

INR₹ 35,000/-


Accredited by
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, India
(Centre for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Education, Pune)

August 2022 – June 2023

**Open to only Pune based Applicants**

Offline Lecture timings
Tuesday – 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Thursday – 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Saturday – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

As per institute availability. Monthly schedule will be provided.

Course Venue
Dr. Anjali Morris Education & Health Foundation at Ghole Road, Shivajinagar, Pune
Sunderji’s Global Academia at Shankarsheth Road, Pune

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1

Special Education & Learning Challenges

  • To understand the laws and certification procedures for children with special needs

  • To understand the characteristics of SLD, ADHD, autism and intellectual disabilities

  • To understand the coping strategies for SLD, ADHD, Autism and


Chapter 2

Inclusion & Developmental Psychology

  • To understand Inclusive Education

  • To understand the child’s growth, importance of mile stones and factors influencing development.

  • To identify and avoid misidentification of the various aspects of development and problems in learning at the right age.


Chapter 3

Screening & assessment

  • To articulate the importance of using the latest assessment and screening tools

  • To understand the differences between tests, assessments, evaluations

  • To administer and interpret the results of curriculum-based measures


Chapter 4

Intervention Level #1

  • To understand what is remedial education

  • To understand the process of goal setting and progress monitoring

  • To learn techniques to implement remediation.


Chapter 5

Intervention Level #2

  • To become aware of current intervention practices in the field

  • To learn disability specific intervention skills

  • To understand the strategies that can be used in a classroom


Chapter 6

Ancillary Therapies related to Disabilities

  • To understand challenging behaviour & sensory issues across multiple disabilities

  • To have a clear idea about alternative therapies that exist along medical intervention

  • To be able to design relevant teaching aids according to child’s needs


Course Structure


Course Topic



Overview of Special Education


History of Special Education


Education law & Disability Act


Concessions Provided by Government for Inclusion


Procedure for certification


Introduction to Different Kinds of Learning challenges & Disabilities


Introduction to SLD


Introduction to ADHD


Introduction to ASD


Introduction to ID/Slow learners


Early Intervention & Coping Strategies


What is Early Intervention & Services offered for Early Intervention


Coping Strategies for Learning Challenges (SLD/ID)


Protocols for ADHD


ABC of Coping Strategies (ASD)



Inclusive Education


What is inclusive education?


Universal Design of School


Universal Design of Learning


Assistive technology toolbox


Growth and Development


Principles of child development (Growth & Development)


Approaches to child development


Theories of child development (Piaget, Freud, Erikson)


Vygotsky’s view of cognitive development


Aspects of Childhood and Adolescent


Physical & Motor Development (will include Development milestones)


Cognitive Development


Social & Emotional development


Language Development



Overview of Screening & Assessment


Importance of screening and Data driven practices


Introduction to assessment


Types of assessment


Specific Assessments


Achievement Tests


Cognitive assessment


Disability specific assessments for SLD, ASD, ID


Curriculum-based assessment reading writing and math


Challenging behaviour assessments (including Interpretation of evaluation report and Limitations of assessment)



Intervention Level #1


What is Remedial Education & Characteristics & Objectives of Remedial Education


Advantages & Disadvantages of Remedial Education & Principles of Remedial Education


IEP and Goal Setting (SLD)


Progress Monitoring (SLD)


Teaching-Learning Strategies


Basic Phonic program for reading and writing


6 Basic spelling rules


Introduction to Visual Imagery


Introduction to Thinking Routines


Introduction to study skills


Reading Program



Coding & Decoding of IEP


How to make an IEP (ASD/ID)


How to read a formal report


Checklists for ASD/ID


Intervention for Learning Difficulties


Intervention strategies for reading


Intervention strategies for vocabulary


Intervention strategies for comprehension


Intervention for Autism


What is challenging Behaviour


Strategies for challenging behaviour


How to make and use visual schedules


How to make and use PECS


How to make and use social stories


Strategies for ADL skills



Alternative Therapies


Art Therapy


Animal Therapy


Dance and Movement Therapy


Music Therapy


Assisted Augmentative Communication


Sensory Needs of Children Across Disabilities


Understanding sensory processing disorders


Informal Sensory Checklist


Sensory Diet Plan


Alerting & Calming Techniques


Behaviour Challenges and Modification


Challenging Behaviour Across Disabilities


Introduction to ABC of Behaviour


Making of ABC chart


Introduction to BMP


Panel Discussion




Happy Inclusive Schools


Careers in ASD, ID and SLD


Way Forward for Autism & Assisted Living Solutions



SLD: Specific Learning Disabilities
ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder
ID: Intellectual Disability
ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
IEP: Individualised Education Plan
PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System
BMP: Behaviour Modification Plan
NIOS: National Institute of Open Schooling

The Course will provide:

  • Renowned Speakers
  • Hands on observations
  • Case Studies
  • Q&A corner
  • Lecture notes 
  • Certificate

The following candidates can apply:

• Educators
• Graduates
• Parents
• Caregivers

For more information: 

Ms. Daya Joshi
[email protected]
+91 7378787914